Nav Canada Installs ASIG’s flyTab Class 2 iPad EFB

Today the flyTab ( team at ASIG announced that it will be implementing a complete Class 2 iPad EFB in CRJ-200 and Dash 8-100 aircraft operated by Nav Canada. ASIG’s Class 2 iPad EFB components are permanently installed, certified via STC and enable the iPad EFB to be fully integrated with the aircraft.

flyTab components selected by NAV CANADA for the Class 2 iPad EFB installations include the pedTray mount to secure the iPad, Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) to recharge the iPad and the Aircraft Interface Module (AIM) to interface the iPad with the aircraft’s systems and sensors.

According to Anthony MacKay, Manager, Flight Operations, “The iPad EFB’s is a replacement for our current Class 3 EFB that is expensive to maintain. This installation will allow us to maintain our operational efficiency and “paperless cockpit” at a much lower cost on our CRJ and Dash 8 aircraft with enhanced applications”.

ASIG will obtain STC’s for the pedTray mount, flyTab PCM and flyTab AIM. The CRJ STC will include CRJ-200/700/900 series aircraft and the Dash 8 STC will include Dash 8-100/200/300 series aircraft. These STCs are expected to be approved in early 2013.

“We are excited about our relationship with NAV CANADA,” said Mike Neder, Dir. of Business Development at ASIG. “We appreciate the leadership that they are taking in the industry.”


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