Press Release: New Software Development Kit Enables Real Time Flight Data into iPad EFB Apps

iPad Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) will soon be able to incorporate real-time flight data into iPad Apps with a new Software Development Kit (SDK) being developed by the flyTab® ( team led by ASIG and supported by Shadin Avionics and AppOrchard.
With real-time information gathered from a wide array of aircraft systems and sensors provided to the iPad EFB via a wired interface, the flyTab® SDK will empower a new breed of iOS Apps. Data formats that can be streamed to the iPad Apps include ARINC 410, ARINC 429, ARINC 618, ARINC 623, ARINC 717, RS 232, RS 422, RS485 and other forms of digital and discrete data.
Potential iPad EFB App uses for this data include aeronautical charting, own ship position, chart centering, FMS/GPS information (position, altitude, groundspeed, track, origin, flight plan and destination, time), real time weather, ACARS messaging and any other customer required programs that the flyTab® team develops or converts for use in the flyTab® runtime environment (TOLD, W&B, PERF, etc).
"Tethering iPads to flight data systems provides a rich stream of data with almost unlimited possible uses," commented Luke Ribich, Managing Director of ASIG, creator of the flyTab suite. "The flyTab partnership with AppOrchard opens up a world of new possibilities to develop a whole new generation of avionics apps that will help airlines save money and improve operational efficiencies. In addition, avionics equipment OEM's and iOS application developers can now easily integrate the iPad EFB into their family of products and services."
Until recently, iPads had to be stowed by pilots during critical flight phases. These Class 1 iPad EFB implementations could not be tethered to the aircraft for power and data. Whether the end-user selects the flyTab® mounting system, which supports pilots activities from flight planning through dispatch, in-flight and debriefing with a walk-on/walk-off capability; or, the pedTray® mounting solution which provides fixed equipage in a high-security static mount, the operator can enjoy an FAA approved Class 2 EFB that allows the operator to use the iPad EFB, with airframe power and data connectivity, through all phases of flight including take-off and landing.
The flyTab® suite enables Class 2 iPad EFB by tethering iPads to aircraft electrical and data systems. Continuous power is provided through the flyTab® Power Conditioning Module (PCM). Flight data is streamed through the flyTab® Aircraft Interface Module (AIM), developed in partnership with Shadin Avionics ( Now with the flyTab® SDK, data can be streamed into iPad Apps.
The SDK provides a full suite of tools that app developers can use to build advanced iPad EFB Apps by allowing Apps to pull real-time flight data from multiple airframe systems and sensors. Also planned as an SDK kit add-on is the flyTab® iFlight Simulator which will provide sample data streams and a hardware proving interface which will enable app developers to live-test applications on the iPad as they are produced.
"We are pleased that the flyTab SDK powered by AppOrchard will enable many of the world's best iOS developers to work with the aviation industry on innovative iPad Flight planning applications," said Art Chang, CEO of AppOrchard. "We see the value of native iOS processing of real time data as a progressive leap for a more connected cockpit enabling new charting as well as the next generation visualization applications that will be needed for the future Class 2 hardware plus maintenance apps," he continued.
"As the industry continues to adopt the iPad platform we are excited to be on the tip-of-the-spear as the thought leader of iPad EFB deployments," said Ribich.
About ASIG and the flyTab® Team
The flyTab® Suite is developed and owned by the Avionics & Systems Integration Group ( an industry pioneer of analogue-to-digital upgrades for classic and contemporary aircraft. The flyTab® Suite is an end-to-end iPad EFB solution, providing certification, mounts, power, data and a software developer's kit. ASIG provides engineering and Supplemental Type Certificates for iPad EFB implementations. The pedTray® Mounts attach iPads to the airframe. flyTab® Power Conditioning Units provide continuous power and charging while mitigating the risk of thermal runaway. The flyTab® Aircraft Interface Module (AIM) is developed in partnership with Shadin Avionics ( and feeds real-time aircraft flight data to the iPad via the 30-pin iPad connector ensuring minimal latency and data security. The iPad App SDK is developed in partnership with AppOrchard ( and provides a toolkit to develop iPad Apps that take advantage of real time flight data. Learn more at www.flyTab .aero. The flyTab® brand and product suite is a registered trademark of ASIG, LLC (dba Avionics & Systems Integration Group).
About AppOrchard
AppOrchard builds premium enterprise apps, transforming legacy IT infrastructures to perform in the mobile world. Through its integrated approach that encompasses both the business and technical perspectives, AppOrchard aligns the latest devices with existing systems. Founded in 2011, the AppOrchard team is comprised of iOS insiders who are former Apple and NeXT software engineers and leaders with a track record of delivering business opportunities through technology. The company is based in NY. More information can be found at
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