flyTab Demos High-Flying iPad EFB

flyTab Demos High-Flying iPad EFB
Simulated flight driven by Garmin GNS 430

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In partnership with Shadin Avionics and App Orchard, ASIG has developed and is now demonstrating its flyTab iPad EFB driven by a Garmin GNS 430. The units are connected by the Avionics Interface Module, which seamlessly translates A-429 and/or Mil-Std-1553 (per end-user requirement) data.

Displaying a three-airport flight plan running on the 430, the flyTab demonstrates its growing number of features. Chart centering works not only on the full range of visual, instrument, and terminal charts but also on Google Maps, available through a wired direct connection interface.

The flyTab also displays threats and textual weather information. The graphic weather app development is nearing its beta test. With the interface module, users can tap into any ARINC A-429 data, including information from the air data computer such as airspeed and altitude as well as traffic, terrain and weather data.

Before any iPad can fly in commercial or military service, it must pass environmental tests, including rapid decompression. Apple set the 2012 iPad maximum operating altitude at 10,000 feet. The FAA requires every iPad to be tested to a higher standard, the aircraft’s max operating altitude.

FL510, 51,000 feet, is the highest certification for civilian aircraft, but those serving the military and NASA often fly much higher. So ASIG has tested a specific lot of iPad EFB devices to FL800—80,000 feet—in support of these special customers truly unique  mission and flight requirements.

Besides testing that ensures reliable operation and the translation of data for the iOS, flyTab has developed a full range of iPad mounts and a power conditioning unit that provides continuous power and charging and mitigates thermal runaway.

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The flyTab Software Developers Kit (SDK) accelerates aircraft aware iOS applications development with tools, data and simulations intended to ease product development lifecycles.

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iPad Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solutions require durable mounting options that withstand the rigors of in-flight use. Mounting solutions also need to account for new form factors for future iPad models.

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Implementing tablet-based Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) in the cockpit requires a power source that protects both the airframe and the electronic flight bag itself.

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In the end every air carrier business case manager knows the key to ROI for any Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) program is rapid deployability, minimized implementation cost, and ease of access and distribution of data! Data provides the standard for any solid business case that benefits an organization.

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ASIG is leading the way in researching and developing many new technologies related to NextGen flight including eEnablement, IoT/ M2M, tablet and app convergence in aviation, and advanced data analytics. Along the way, we’ve built an industry-leading patent portfolio, which is now available for you to leverage. With an easy to manage flyTab Patent License, your firm can access worldwide patent assets that may be critical to the success and acceleration of your business and products.

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