Press Release from flyTab: ASIG Successfully Tests New iPad to 80,000 Feet

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ASIG Successfully Tests New iPad to 80,000 Feet
4/18/2102 | Little Rock, AR

Today the flyTab ( team at ASIG announced that they have successfully performed a rapid decompression test on the new iPad (2012) to FL800 (80,000').

Apple has placed an OEM maximum operating altitude of the iPad devices to not more that FL100 (10,000') [See ENVIRONMETNAL REQUIREMENTS at]

Due to iPad specifications and FAA guidance, every iPad has to be tested to the highest operating flight altitude of any aircraft in which it will be used. While the highest rated operating flight envelope for civil/commercial aircraft is as high as FL510 (51,000') NASA and the Department of Defense routinely have requirements to test to significantly higher flight altitudes due to higher aircraft flight envelopes and mission requirements.

:Environmental testing of the iPad is only one aspect of ASIG's flyTab iEFB products and services, it helps our engineers to ensure that when an iPad is fielded as an EFB, it will continue to operate safely and reliably through all phases of flight while providing the flight crew with enhanced situational awareness and reducing crew resource management efforts thereby increasing overall flight safety," commented Luke Ribich, Managing Director of ASIG.

Rapid decompression tests are intended to evaluate equipment installed in pressurized areas of an aircraft that are required to operate during and after an emergency is declared resultant from a rapid decompression event. Besides electrical malfunction, some of the problems that can be determined during decompression tests are: leakage, deformation, rupture or explosion of (gasket sealed) components, or a change in physical properties of low-density materials.

"As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business we are pleased to have the opportunity to continue our service to the nation's scientific community and armed forces by endurance testing the iPad to altitudes consistent with the unique missions that these devices are now being integrated to perform", said Ribich

About flyTab
The flyTab Suite provides certification, mounting, power and data interface solutions for iPad EFB implementations. Services include rapid decompression and EMI certification testing as well as traditional integration services such as installation design and STC/certification for iPads and other COTS tablets. The flyTab Mounting System is a suite of upgradable iPad mounts and cases. flyTab Power Conditioning Units and Modules provide continuous power and charging while mitigating the risk of thermal runaway. The optional Avionics Interface Module (an industry only wired interface) feeds real-time aircraft flight data to the iPad via the 30-pin iPad connector ensuring minimal latency and data security.

About the Avionics & Systems Integration Group (ASIG)
The flyTab Suite is developed and owned by the Avionics & Systems Integration Group, an industry pioneer of analogue-to-digital upgrades for classic and contemporary aircraft. The company specializes in: Integration and Supplemental Engineering; Installation Kit Manufacturing; as well as Installation Services of COM/NAV, IFE, Situational Awareness and Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM); Maintenance, Modification and Repair; and Certification & Program Management. We also perform design research and development of emerging technologies in support of aircraft operations, maintenance, modification and repair activities for civil, commercial, government and foreign flight departments. Learn more at and

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