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In the end every air carrier business case manager knows the key to ROI for any Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) program is rapid deployability, minimized implementation cost, and ease of access and distribution of data! Data provides the standard for any solid business case that benefits an organization. Whether value comes from enhancements to flight operations, maintenance and engineering, cabin crew or enterprise organizations, it must be cost effective, accurate and easily analyzed by the entire organization. It must support the obvious basic benefits to fuel consumption and timesavings, elimination of paper, greater productivity, enhanced communication, and improved situational awareness. Moreover, it must provide actual certified ARINC 429 and other avionics data to both the user and the flight operations department, ensuring for more informed and efficient decision making from cockpit to corporate!

Aircraft Interface Module (p/n 1048-5002-00)

The Aircraft Interface Module (AIM) is a wired interface that collects electronic ARINC 429 and other on-board systems and sensor data from peripheral avionics equipment, including Flight Management Systems (FMS) and Central Maintenance Computers (CMC)1. The collected data is then converted by the AIM and transmitted into the authenticated iPad2 EFB device. Data transfer is accomplished through the flyTab FTAvionics.A429 Data Bus Interface. The AIM is TSO’d to C115c as an extension of existing Flight Management Systems and meets RTCA/DO-178B Level C Design Assurance Levels. The “Level C” rating contemplates full future growth options for bi-directional communication with iPad, right out of the box! Environmental qualifications of the AIM exceed RTCA/DO-160F standards for aviation product performance and electrical connections are accomplished via a single MIL-SPEC connector, which is integrated with the flyTab Mount via traditional aircraft wire harnessing.

Operators know that a wired interface means reliability! The AIM serves data to up to two (2) connected and authenticated iPad devices simultaneously, on-the-wire! There are no cockpit data latencies or wireless regulatory or security concerns with the flyTab AIM. The AIM has been designed for a fully wired interface with the iPad EFBs, mitigating regulatory and certification concerns by the FAA and international CAA’s regarding Wi-Fi in the cockpit. Also, the AIM’s wired interface eliminates concerns regarding data latency and system security within EFB applications and aircraft interfaces because with no intentional transmitters or radiated emissions, rogue operators and other bad actors are eliminated from the flyTab EFB’s closed architecture. In addition to peace of mind, the AIM features:

  • Full ARINC 429 Data Bus Interface (In/Out) 2/2
  • Dual Apple iAP Data Interface supporting two iOS devices
  • Supports ARINC 410 Discretes (4 GPI/O | 2 Output Only)
  • Dual I/O RS 232 Ethernet & Wi-Fi (Future Growth)
  • Accessible flyTab SDK APi Library for Custom Software Development
  • Scalable design supports todays avionics standard and tomorrows


  • 0.7 lbs
  • 1.57" H x 6.90" L x 4.24" W
  • Input power: +28VDC
  • Regulatory: TSO-C115c (Incomplete System)
  • DAL: RTCA/DO-178B Level C
  • Environmental: RTCA/DO-160F
  • Categories: [A4X]BBB[R(B,B1) U2(F,F1)]XXXXXXZ[BXX]AZ[CC][RR]M[XXJ33]XXAX
    • Operating Temperature: -40° to +70°C
    • Operating Altitude: Up to 42,000 ft
    • Storage Temperature: -55° to +85°C
    • In-Flight loss of Cooling: Equipment can run indefinitely with no cooling
    • MIL-HDBK-217 MTBF: greater than 20,000 hours


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