flyTab Mount Solutions

iPad Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solutions require durable mounting options that withstand the rigors of in-flight use. Mounting solutions also need to account for new form factors for future iPad models.

flyTab Mount Solutions provide the flexible solutions that you need to deploy iPad EFB. Together the flyTab Mount and PedTray assembly are an integral part of the flyTab iPad EFB system, forming a highly adaptable and powerful mounting solution that physically secures the pilots iPad EFB device, and offers instant access to aircraft power and data through the optional docking connector. Comprised of the flyTab Mount and the PedTray Assembly the total combines weight of the installed mount, iPad included, is only six (6) pounds! It provides a structurally sound, highly reliable, high-performance and rapidly adaptable Class 1 or 2 EFB mounting solution which secures the EFB to the aircraft for use throughout all phases of flight, and is capable of interfacing the iPad to aircraft power and data subsystems. It optionally incorporates either the Apple Lightning or 30-pin docking connectors and is exceptionally maneuverable around its patented articulating pivot interface. The flyTab Mounting System also features the InCase Enclosure which is MIL-STD-810G ruggedized and certified to support iPad EFB devices while protecting against:

  • Drop Shock Hazards
  • Crush Hazards
  • Particulate Migration
  • Moisture Migration
  • Directed Impact Hazards
Mount (p/n 1050-5000-00)

The flyTab Mount is permanently installed in the aircraft, or other ground or maritime platform, and features a high performance and future proof design which supports integration needs today and beyond. The mount is designed with an articulating pivot point that provides for single handed, 360° range of motion in the vertical axis and 115° range of motion in each of the longitudinal and lateral axes. The thoughtful and elegant design supports todays device form factors, as well as tomorrows, with a rapidly adaptable architecture which insures performance and security.

Assembly (p/n 1050-5012-00)

The PedTray Assembly provides an electro-mechanical interface to on-board systems and sensors while providing primary operating or charging power via the embedded dock connector. The PedTray seamlessly supports the InCase Enclosure while structurally securing the iPad to the aircraft or other vehicle structure and supports a fully wired interface with the iPad. (Note: Due to the unique patented design of the PedTray Assembly, the iPad device itself is easily FAA approved for paperless flight operations [OpSpec A061] when deployed within the InCase enclosure and flyTab system.)

flyTab Aircraft Interface Clamps (p/n 1050-5013/4-00)

flyTab Aircraft Interface Clamp(s) (AIC) ensures total mechanical security in even the most turbulent of flight conditions; and, provides optional access to the flyTab Power Conditioning Module (PCM) and Aircraft Interface Module (AIM) via internal hardwired interfaces. The AIC is an ergonomically designed locking clamp, which secures the iPad EFB to the [Ped]Tray and is available in three configurations: Basic, Apple 30-Pin and Apple Lightning. The flyTab AIC’s are 100% interchangeable with all other flyTab [Ped]Tray platforms and are pilot and/or operator configurable in order to support operators iPad EFB deployments, regardless of iPad selection (e.g. iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad Air and iPad Mini), whether they are company issued or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) deployed.

flyTab InCase Enclosure (p/n 1050-5010-XX)

The flyTab InCase Enclosure is a portable element of the flyTab mounting system. The InCase Enclosure has been specifically designed with both pilots and cost managers in mind so that iPad EFB deployments are long lasting while supporting one-to-one technology initatives while maximizing adoption ROI. It provides the iPad EFB device with complete MIL-STD-810G environmental protection and, in conjunction with the PedTray, ensures for proper installation fitment and device alignment of the iPad EFB in the flyTab mounting system. The InCase Enclosure has been independently tested and qualified to MIL-STD-810G and provides drop-shock, crush-proofing, moisture and dust migration protection for the enclosed iPad tablet computer. The InCase Enclosure features:

  • A high-impact polycarbonate frame system
  • A shock protective and flame resistant VersaFlex™ outer-membrane
  • Mission adaptable protective screen-overlays in the following configuration:
    • Clear
    • UV Filtering
    • Anti-glare
    • NVIS (Leaky-green Type II) - Perfect for law enforcement, government and military, and EMS flight operations


  • <0.25 lbs (0.20 kg) - InCase Enclosure
  • 2.4 lbs (1.10 kg) - InCase Enclosure with iPad
  • 1.9 lbs (0.86 kg) - flyTab Mount
  • 0.25 lbs (0.70 kg) - PedTray Assembly
  • 4.5 lbs (2.72 kg) - Total Installed Weight (iPad included)
  • 2.00" L x 2.00" W x 3.44" H (flyTab Mount)
  • 10.93" L x 7.68" W x 2.14" H (PedTray Assembly)
  • 2.00" L x 7.68" W x 5.12" H (Overall Installed)
  • 360° - Vertical axis1
  • 115° - Longitudinal axis1
  • 115° - Lateral axis1
  • Structurally Sound
  • High Reliability
  • High Performance
  • Future Proof
  • Smooth Movement
  • Patented Articulating Design
  • Apple®2 Lightning™3 or 30-pin Dock Connector
  • Apple Made for iPad Approved
  • Class I EFB
  • Class II EFB
  • Aircraft Power Primary or Secondary via flyTab PCM
  • ARINC 429 or other data formats available via flyTab AIM


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