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Airlines demand for ease of access and the low cost distribution of aircraft data when defining a Class 2 EFB program. The elimination of costly air-to-ground data-com transmissions and near-real-time access to flight profile information reduce operating costs, maintenance costs, training costs, and logistical expenses. Experts agree the convergence of enterprise apps with legacy IT infastrucures allow airlines to bridge the gap and operate in the modern mobile world more effeciently then ever.

The flyTab Software Developers Kit (SDK) accelerates aircraft aware iOS applications development with tools, data and simulations intended to ease product development lifecycles. The flyTab SDK is an extensible avionics driver kit for iOS, available to third-party developers, airframe/equipment OEMs and operators looking to create custom iOS applications. And the flyTab SDK is packed full of integrated functions with real value added application including: moving maps, quick access recording of flight data, full awareness of avionic data buss information, on-the-wire and wireless support for both cockpit operations and cabin infotainment applications, inclusive software and full hardware simulation of applications against real iPad and AIM hardware, configurable translation tables support any installed avionics configuration, fast notification based data updating, inherently multi-threaded so it utilizes nominal iOS resources regardless of iPad form factor specs.

Acknowledging the unprecedented value and exceptional quality of the flyTab SDK, the aerospace industry has received flyTab with open arms as evidenced by it's popularity and the growing portfolio of flyTab aware applications. flyTab aware applications have been downloaded hundreds of times by numerous System Integrators, Airframe and Avionic Equipment OEMs and aviation business intelligence and technology companies around the world. Of these, many are well-known global companies, entrenched within the largest airlines in the world.

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